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Troop 8


Welcome to the Boy Scouts of America. Without question the largest boy—run organization in the world. Also an organization that has changed very little since its introduction by Lord Baden Powell nearly a century ago. Although there are adult Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, the program is run by the Senior Patrol Leader with the adults playing the role of advisors. You will often hear the term ‘patrol method’, which refers to how a Troop operates. Boys are assigned to patrols, a fully self-sustaining group within the Troop. These patrols, under the guidance of the Senior Patrol Leader and with the advice of the adult leaders, seek to achieve Scouting's goal of creating an environment where boys can learn leadership skills, responsibility, conservation, and spiritual growth.

This document is intended to serve as a reference point for the Scouts and Scouters of Boy Scout Troop 8. Historically, the Troops rules have been passed on in the oral tradition from boy to boy and leader to leader. As one might imagine this can easily lead to areas not specifically covered by any rule and rules unfairly applied in one situation and not another

This handbook has been developed to make Troop 8’s program more consistent from year to year and Scout to Scout. Should a conflict between this document and BSA National guidelines arise the BSA National policies will be followed and this document will be amended to conform to those policies. In all matters the Troop Committee is the final authority at the Troop level.

It is our firm commitment to make this document an integral part of our daily Troop operations. Should you have any questions or comments concerning this document you should contact one of the Troop’s leaders directly.

By far, the best way to find out what’s currently going on with the Troop is to attend the monthly Troop Committee Meeting held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. An informed parent can mean the difference between a successful Scouting career and a dismal one. Show your son you’re interested in his success.

Table of Contents

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Troop Meetings 
Advancement Meetings                                                                     
Patrol Leader’s Council Meetings                                                    
Fifth Tuesday Meetings 
Committee Meetings






First Class - First Year
Life to Eagle
Work done in Webelos/outside the Troop
Merit Badges
Service Projects
Scout Spirit
Scoutmaster Conferences
Board of Review



Fund Raisers

Annual Troop Court of Honor
Eagle Scout Court of Honor