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Welcome to the Troop 8 Web site

Welcome to the official web site of the Troop 8. We are located in Warren, Pennsylvania and sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church. This site was created as an additional means of communications about programs and services for our Scouting families, adult volunteer leaders and the community. We hope you find your visit informative and enjoyable.



District Mission

To provide young men, between the ages of 11 (or completed fifth grade) and 18, the opportunity to experience the challenges and opportunities of scouting, in a safe but exciting environment.




It is the goal of Troop 8 for all Scouts to have the best possible scouting experience, while permitting each the opportunity to advance along the rank trail from Scout to Life and, if they are very successful, to the rank of Eagle Scout. The scouting experience at Troop 8 emphasizes a return to basic scout skills including backpacking and hiking rather than trailer or car camping, cooking over open fires when appropriate or light-weight backpack stoves, teamwork and leadership.

True adventure is experienced by good comrades who enter the "wilderness" with only their wits and what they can carry on their backs and then return having experienced the joys of nature, leaving no trace of their passage so that others may later share the same experience.

PROGRAM: Troop 8 has a 12-month camping program. Weekend campouts are scheduled from August through May. A 7-day scout camp is scheduled for July and the annual father-son campout is set for September.

Service projects include assisting local organizations such as little league baseball, Red Cross and projects to assist the church, with new opportunities for service regularly presenting themselves. Merit badge classes are taught locally and are available through the Chief Cornplanter Council.

Troop 8 and its scouts participate in the honor camping society, Order of the Arrow.



Troop Leadership

Troop 8 is first and foremost a "Scout Run" troop! OK......So what exactly does Scout Run Troop mean? Simply put, it means that the youth members of the troop are responsible for all of the troops activities throughout the scouting year. Beginning with the annual planning sessions held June of each new scouting year, the scouts work together to plan out their weekly agenda, monthly campouts and attendance at Council related activities.

A Senior Patrol Leader selected from the scouts leads the troop. The troop is scout run and organized as multiple six- to eight- scout patrols, each led by a Patrol Leader selected from within the patrol. Other leadership positions filled by scouts, include scribe, historian, quartermaster, bugler and chaplain's aide. Adult leadership is provided by the Scoutmaster and the assistant Scoutmasters in the form of advice and guidance only to help insure that the necessary resources are made available as required. It is through this method and limited adult intervention that Boy Scouts associated with Troop 8 will, with time, learn to successfully apply the leadership skills gained through our program to their everyday life.

The troop is run by the scouts for the scouts. The Scoutmaster guides the scouts in preparation of their annual program. The Scoutmaster is responsible to the Troop Committee which must approve the annual program and other proposed activities of the troop. The Troop Committee is composed of various committees and all registered adult leaders are voting members of the committee.

The Troop Committee controls the budget and is responsible for reviewing and approving all activities of the troop. The Troop Committee Chairman is responsible to the Chartering Organization Representative and the Chartering Organization. The Chartering Organization owns all property of the troop including its charter and is responsible for screening and approving all adult leadership.

Troop 8 is fortunate to have the First Presbyterian Church as its chartering organization. The church takes great interest in the activities of the troop, provides a meeting place and financial support.



Troop 8 and Outdoor Activities

Troop 8 is active in the outdoors period! We spend a minimum of 17 days camping annually which includes one long term camp i.e. Summer Camp and many 2 night stays either in tents or occasionally cabins. We structure our weekend campouts to cover many of the requirements needed in the early ranks which gives the older more experienced scouts the opportunity to share their knowledge while reinforcing those same skills. Our scouts enjoy the many blessings that nature has to offer. Parents are certainly encouraged and always welcome to attend any of Troop 8's many activities.